Trematomus Bernacchi (Antarctic fish - Antifreeze proteins) Ice crystal





Nanolitre Osmometers

Our nanolitre is ideal for measuring thermal hysteresis in polar fishes and cold-hardy insects. The image below can only be seen using a nanolitre osmometer, and is of hexagonal bipyramids and are what ice crystals do when grown in the presence of antifreeze proteins.

  • Integrated microscope cold stage
  • Digital readout in °C
  • Temperature range to suit user
  • Sample holes size and number to suit user
  • 3 year warranty
  • Simple calibration - to reduce set-up time
  • Target temperature setting
  • Actual temperature reading

Price: POA

Nanolitre osmometer and head unit Single ice crystal grown in the presence of presence of ice active proteins and imaged on a nanolitre osmometer Osmometer head unit

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