Trematomus Bernacchi (Antarctic fish - Antifreeze proteins) Ice crystal



Otago Osmometers design and manufacture nanolitre osmometers, microscope cold-stages and optical recrystallometers. Dialogue with several scientists and research institutions around the globe provided us with a set of common, desirable specifications for our range of equipment.

Our apparatus demonstrate a marked improvement on those that were previously available, especially in the case of our nanolitre osmometer, designed to supersede the Clifton model. Every item is built to order and takes approximately four weeks from order with payment to delivery. New developments are an integral part of our business. See the Products pages for further details on all of these devices.

Our devices are currently in operation at several institutions around the world, and we have a close working relationship with the cryobiology group working in the laboratory of Associate Professor Hans Ramlov at Roskilde University Centre in Denmark. All of our instruments are tested there and are in operation there by scientists doing day to day measurements of:

  • melting points
  • thermal hystersis levels
  • recrystallisation levels
  • supercooling points

If you have queries on apparatus specifications please email: